News!- SDCC Day 2

Hasbro seem to be taking it slow this year with all their toyline. At least until they do their panel (which is tonight  4pm PST for Marvel Legends by the way). Hasbro has shown a couple of “New” figures for their vintage line.

First is Black Panther which is a straight repaint of their Vibranium version they released as a Walmart exclusive a few months back. Alongside him is a Scarlet Spider re-release with a repaint Peter Parker head, painted blond for Ben Reilly. That not all. It someone in Hasbro’s team forgot to put the white sticker on the back of the Vintage as some manages to take a picture of the back of the packaging which confirms that Hawkeye (Odin wave without the metal arm) and Vision (Classic Repaint).

There was also some new some more hint of other figures in the booth, which Hasbro is calling Easter Eggs. One is a flaming sword that was once Magik’s. Could this be a hint to the SDCC being re-release, similar to Gladiator and Black Bolt? Most likely but some people are hoping it’s the New Mutants costume (Magik on Kitty Pryde’s body). There was also a gun with AIM written on it. A hint to a 2-pack similar to the Hydra Pack? Possible.

Lastly a small update to the Black Panther wave Ayo figure. This will come with 2 more heads of 2 different girls so now you can army build this figure even more.


There will more then likely be another couple of reveal this morning but the big reveals will  happen at the panel later tonight. Check the gallery below to see the rest that has been reveal this weekend.

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