Break Time 26/6/18

Dues to Prior engagements and the intensive research into the Fourth of July special, there will be no NCS, Ideal Waves or Top tens this week. I know that some of you have been waiting on those listed in the Schedule for a while (Crossbones will get done at some point), but don’t worry. I promise to get around to them eventually.

Also, I just want to talk about something. Some of you may have noticed that I have pushed some of the newer reveals first before down what I already had scheduled. This is because the new reveals have been part of a retail wave, as in the likes of the SPDR wave or the Venom wave. I want to say that waves get priority when I am doing the NCS. That is because they are going out to general retail. However, the ones that are currently listed in the Schedule are all some form of Exclusive to one store, so I want to leave them for after I have the waves done. As such with SDCC coming in 2 / 3 week as of writing this, it should be known that if / when the new waves are reveal they will come first and the exclusive will come after.

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