News and Updates – SDCC exclusive

It was announced during the weekend, that Marvel Studios will be pushing the Netflix series this year at the SDCC instead of the movie (mostly to avoid potential spoilers. As if they were taking ques from Marvel Hasbro accidentially (some one posted it up on The Hollywood Reporter and took it down again), revealed what is the SDCC exclusive this year. And it’s the Netflix Defenders with Daredevil (with Charlie Cox head), Jessica Jones (No jacket and different Arms), Luke Cage (repaint of the 2-pack), Colleen Wing and Iron Fist. A pretty Meh exclusive this year, IMO, as we are usually given Comic Book based character and the fact that 3 of them have been released or are about to get released. It also almost guaranteed that we get Iron Fist and Colleen Wing in retail at some point. This set might just be a preview set for that.

As such, with this and the new Deadpool wave images, I have updated the following pages.


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