Ideal Wave – Captain Marvel

With the SDCC least then a few weeks away and with the possibility that they will reveal a number of waves, I decided to start doing a Ideal wave each week until the SDCC is over. To start off I decided to do the next major movie in the MCU franchise, that being Captain Marvel. This movie is being haled as the first Female lead movie in the MCU, so many people are thinking that it should be a Female filled wave. However, knowing Hasbro, this will not come to pass. Now I’m not saying they won’t fill it up with at least 3 female characters, but you have to remember that toylines need a mixture of male, female and villains in order to appeal to stores.

Also I would just like to say that I know that the MCU Captain Marvel and the main Villain will be in it, alongside maybe Jude Law’s Mar-Vell and Samuel Jackson’s Nick Fury. However I am making this list as if it was just a Comic book line, so don’t expect to see them in this list.

As always here are the rules for this wave:

  • 6-8 figures per wave. No more. No less.
  • Some version of the Title hero most be in it (Carol Danvers)
  • 1 or 2 Female per wave. Since this is the first Female movie I will be putting 3 ladies into the wave.
  • 1 or 2 Villains per wave, but these could be female as well.
  • 1 or 2 brand new character that has never been done before
  • 1 or 2 remakes. The Remakes can also be new costumes as Like Classic Spider-man or Iron Spider.
  • Each wave most have a Theme ie Spider-man can include Street Level heroes or Iron Man can include Tech Heroes and villains.

The Theme for this wave: Marvels and Kree

Ms. Marvel

We, of course, start off with the main character, Carol Danver, now known as Captain Marvel. However, long before she was the Captain, she was Ms. Marvel. Granted she was basically just a female version of Mar-Vell (more on him shortly) but she soon became her own character even gaining her own book. Besides her Binary identity, she only really has one other iconic costume that being her original costume. It could still be called Captain Marvel to avoid SJWs. Since Hasbro like to reuse the same body for the same character (which I like), this figure will use the Moonstone body mold with Kamala Khan’s scarf and new head. Speaking of Moonstone, this figure should also come with a long haired version so people can make the Dark Avengers version of Ms. Marvel.

Captain Marvel

Next up we have the original Captain Marvel, Mar-Vell (which Jude Law is playing in the upcoming movie). Originally a Kree spy, Mar-vell betrayed his leaders and decided to for humanity instead. He would go onto become one of Earth’s greatest champions but died tragically due to cancer. Toybiz did a version of him in their last wave of Marvel Legends but many people weren’t able to get it. It really needs a new figure. I think the Bucky Cap build will work perfectly for this. I also think that this should come with the Genis-Vell head as well to allow people to get that version as well.

Monica Rambeau

Next up we have the second person and first woman to take up the mantle of Captain Marvel, Monica Rambeau. The former lifeguard was given light based powers and was giving the name Captain Marvel by the media. She soon joined the Avengers and even went onto becoming not only the leader of the Avengers but also the first person color to lead the team. Hasbro already released a version of her in the A-force box set but that was a more modern (Spectrum, which they can use on packaging) version of her. But fans want her in her more classic version. Use that mold as a base with new arms and head. They can also use a slightly modified version of the Storm cape that came in the Jubilee wave.


The last of these loving ladies I want in this wave is Phyla-Vell. The daughter of Mar-Vell and sister of Genis-Vell, Phyla has not only carried the Name Captain Marvel, but also Quasar. Not only that but she has become a central part of the Guardians Of Galaxy alongside her lover Moondragon (don’t worry I’ll about her in another wave). For her I think they should make her Martyr version  for a number of reason. One is to get a bit more of a different color pallet into the wave (as you see above alot of red and black) and also to allow her to carry her sword (which can be a repaint of Hela’s sword.) She can be done on the Medusa mold with Hobgoblin’s cape.


The last Marvel (he was originally Marvel Boy), next we have Quasar. This has been a long sought after character and with Captain Marvel coming out I think it’s time we got the former Avengers and Protector of the Universe. The version I think he should have is the Annihilation/GOTG version. This will be done of the Spider-UK mold and will come with energy effect in gold color as well as 2 pairs of hands, one fists the other flight hands.

Ronan the Accuser

Next we have one of the other character in the Movie that just recently gotten a MCU figure, Ronan The Accuser. The Kree loyalist who would go onto to lead them, Ronan has had a figure before in the F4 wave where he was the BAF. But that was the Annihilation version and people wanted a classic version. You may be thinking that he should be the BAF of this wave. However, Hasbro has released a regular figure that will work perfectly for this figure, that being the Colossus/Death’s Head build.


Taking up the last of the regular figures, we have the most famous of the Original Captain Marvel’s villains, Nitro the living bomb. If you don’t know this guy and his importance to the whole Marvel mythos, then you don’t know anything. This is the guy who essentially killed Mar-Vell as well as the guy who started the first Civil War. He has actually been asked for for quite a while so what better wave to put him in then the Captain Marvel Wave. He should use the Bucky mold with some kind of blast effects.

BAF: Kree Sentry

Taking the position of the BAF we have a Kree Sentry. This robotic soldiers are sent to planets to explore and see if the planet can be captured. If was because of the destruction of one of these Sentries by the Human Torch, that the Kree race was first introduced and also thanks to that Ronan was introduced. As for which build he should be on, I thinking the new Apocalypse build will work perfectly for this. It will also allow people to army build this figure as well.

Confirmed for Capt Marv BAF

Well that is my Ideal wave for a possible Captain Marvel wave. As you can see I mostly put in character that have been Captain Marvel was well as some connection to the Captain Marvel mythos. What do you guys think? Let me know below or on any of the social links  as well as your version of a Captain Marvel wave.


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