News and Update – Gamestop exclusive

Got to love the run up to SDCC. Companies are constantly revealing new products. Take this new exclusive for example. Based on the upcoming Insomniac PS4 game, Gamestop are getting a Marvel Legends Spider-man. Please note that this is not the MU scale version we saw before but instead a 6″ figure.


Not only that but I have also added the Monster Venom BAF to the Vemon (Symbiote) page. Since people are arguing which version it is (Gargan or Thompson) I have included info on them both.

Venom (Klyntar, Marvel Prime)

Last I will be doing something new with the images. I am currently having a problem with my image editor so I have decided to do things differently by post the 2 images as individual files. This will allow me to easily upload new figures pictures easier without having to redo the image. let me know what you think.

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