News – Venom Wave and X-men Pre-order

First I would like to say that the embargo for Etailers for the Apocalypse wave has been lifted and many stores have or will put up pre-orders for the wave which is thought to be out late June and July. Some stores have also put up orders for the Silver Surfer but many of them are outside the US.

Not only that but Hasbro has revealed the last regular figure of the Venom wave and the BAF for the wave. The last figure for the wave is one of Daredevil former flame (when she has that personality) and common foe, Typhoid Mary. She looks stunning.


And the BAF is Venom. Now before you said that we are getting a Venom in the wave this is actually Mac Gargan’s Venom which was shown to be much bigger then Brock’s version.

Marvel-Legends-Venom-Wave07__scaled_800 venom

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