Best of Marvel Legends comments and Suggestions

Hey gang. Here we look at some of the some comments and suggestion you guys put in for this form. Some of them were pretty good and some were actually quite hurtful. Let’s ignore the second type shall we? Just to let you know I don’t know who wrote what but feel free to let me know who you are or in case you want it to be taken off.

    • I would actually love to do this. I have quite a few DC figure in storage and love reading DC. But unfortunately the only DC Multiverse figure I have is the Katana figure. I also have very little knowledge of DC since I only really just started reading. If anyone want to work with NCS as a DC primary writer please contact me and we can arrange something. I would also like to have things like Transformers, GI Joes and other stuff, not just comics but manga as well.
  • “Narrow down the exclusives to more categories such as best 2pack, best box set, best single figure, etc.”
    • Yes. I will be doing that next year. I will break them down into Single Figures, 2-pack and Box sets (3 or more figures). That should make it easier to vote

Also these are not suggestions for the form but thing I think fans want from Hasbro. Please note I don’t work for Hasbro but hopefully they could look at these and read them for you.

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