Best of Marvel Legends – Best Figure of the Year

Here it finally is. The Best Marvel Legends figure of the year. There has been some great figures this year, with a lot of looooooong awaited characters and alternate versions or costumes that have been on people’s wishlists for years. You guys have voted and have selected the best Marvel Legend of 2017. That’s right. You guys voted for this list. Not me. Not that guy that always complains that the votes were rigged. Not the guy who constantly says that I’m making this up. You guys voted for this. Why am I saying this? Well, even after saying all of this I know some one is going to say this vote is wrong.

But to the people who took the time to fill in the form, I would like to give my sincere thanks. I know some of it was very confusing and I am working on making it easier for next year. You guys are great people and fantastic fans who truly love action figures. That being said, just like I did last year with the Youtube video, I will be taking the votes for the Best figure of the year and combining them with the other categories since the vote were extremely divided.

But feck all that mushy stuff. Let get onto the winners!!!! But before that I would like to say that it was extremely close this with only 1 or 2 votes between all the winners.

3rd Place Winner

Warlock wave Cyclops

I don’t think any one saw this coming………………………….HAHA :)). All jokes aside, this was a long awaited and fan favorite figure. There is a reason he is on almost all of the Marvel Legends Top 10. This is a fantastic figure that shows Hasbro true abilities to create wonderful and fun toys that really shows that they listen to their fans.

2nd Place

Gladiator Hulk Wave Hela

Cate Blanchett’s performance in Thor: Ragnarok was fantastic so it seems appropriate that her figure is as well. This thing has tons of details and a great paint application to it. Not only that but this figure works as both a MCU figure and a Comic figure for those that never got the chance to get the SDCC figure. Well worth the money.

Best Figure of the Year 2017

Titus Wave Angela

Yep. Not only is she the winner of the 2016 fan poll but according to you, she is the best figure of the year. And a well deserving win at that. This was a whole new figure and it was sculpted to the extreme. Not only that but while Hasbro could have used the more family safer version she is currently wearing in the comic, Hasbro listened to the fans and gave her the fan favorite version that she first wore when she debuted in Marvel comics. Now some people probably don’t think she deserve a Marvel Legends cause in their eyes she is not Marvel (not according to the courts people). But that doesn’t take from the fact that this is a great figure and truly deserves Marvel Legends Figure of the year 2017.

Well that it. I know some people aren’t going to agree but like I said several times in this post, this was voted by you. If you don’t believe me here is the results page with all the categories and votes –

I have only one thing to post and that is the suggestion you guys have given me, some of which are pretty good and other make me wonder why you even bothered to vote. “Your Mom”!? Seriously people!!!?

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