Return of NCS.

Just wanted to announce the return of NCS today. I have already updated the Black Panther (main universe) page with the new Walmart exclusive and yes that is officially confirmed.

Click here to see what I think – Black Panther (T’Challa, Marvel Prime)

Before I get onto the next one I would like to ask people for their requests. I will be focusing on the newer stuff revealed (see Schedules – Updated -08/11/17) and later going back to the older stuff from TB (next is actually Howard the Duck!!). However if there is anything people want me to do first, please ask. It doesn’t matter it’s a big character like Iron Man(he is done but using as a example), a little known character like US Agent (only one figure but I would like to see what else they could do) or even MCU character like Starlord.

I will also be doing a new thing called “Possibilities!!! A look at-” where I will be looking at certain character and showing the costume he or she had and what version is most possible for a figure. Please request who you want to be done.

Well back to work.


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