Worst of Marvel Legends 2017 – Most Disappointing Figure of the year

Oh boy this is going to hard to to write 😦 . 2017 was a great year for Marvel Legends with nearly 100 figures released this year alone. However, and take this in no way as bashing the line, it was a lot less spectacular then what we got in 2016.  I personally feel it was because they focused too much on the movies and big events but like I said before without those we wouldn’t have Marvel Legends. There wasn’t rally a horrible figure just some disappointing ones (hence the reason for the name change). There was also trends of releasing the same figure over and over that cause fans to be frustrated with Hasbro for not giving us other much needed characters or version.

For this list I asked you to give me what you found to be the most disappointing (or worst like I asked) figure of the year. I asked for you to pick one with bad sculpts, paint and articulation as well as other factor you choose yourself. However, I had to remove some of the nominations for this as some of them were vote for the best as well (only the top 3 though). Can’t be the best and the worst at the same time can you?!

Well let see what was the Most Disappointing figure of the year.

3rd Place 

Tied: Gladiator Hulk Wave Odinson + Loki, Mantis Wave Mantis and Sandman Wave Spider-UK

Taking 3rd place we have 4 figures that were extremely disappointing and unneeded. First we have the Odinson figure. While it does help complete the story-line he is in (the God Butcher arc), this is just plain bad. A reused Sentry head and painted on shirt, it was something no one asked for. Unless they make Gor, it is worthless unless you are a huge Thor fan. In the same wave we have MCU Loki. The older version were much better and the removable was stupid and gave the figure a bad forehead. Should have been a separate head. He also didn’t come with any accessories like knives like we see in the movie. We also have the Mantis wave BAF Mantis. I think this looks exactly like the actress but the share fact that it was a BAF is a joke. She could have came in the 2 pack with Ego instead of giving us a third Starlord. There are so many other character they could have done like maybe a Death’s Head I. Lastly we have Spider-Uk. Personally I collect the Spider-verse Spidey but even I was surprised when they included this character (I still love him but you guys voted for it). Yes the build is a bit disappointing  which I think that is why you voted for this.

2nd Place

Mantis Wave Ex Nihilo


One thing I will always praise Hasbro on is their character selection. Even when they first started Marvel Legends, during the Dark Days of Marvel Legends, they were trumping Toybiz in that regard. But even I question them making this figure. No one asked for this character and he is completely useless without his sister. He is also from an extremely horrible story. The figure itself uses the bad Hyperion body mold and the gold paint on this figure is bland and doesn’t even shine. The only thing going for it is it help us build a complete roster of the entire Avengers members. That’s it.

Overall Winner

MCU Starlord (all of them)

I saw this coming a mile away. While it is a huge improvement over the previous Starlord, it was there fact that they exact same figure was released three times! Sure, one figure may have a longer jacket or a scarf but it was the exact same figure otherwise. Once would have been enough but Hasbro decided to waste 2 other needed spot for other characters. Hasbro we get that Starlord is the main character of the GOTG franchise but this was a joke.

Phew! That was hard. No let me just say that these are what you guys voted for. Not Me. I just vented. Don’t believe me? Well here are the results.


Well only one thing left. The Best Figure of the year. Look Forward to that.

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