SDCC 2017 Battle For Asgard – Updates


As many people know, Hasbro has officially release images of their San Diego Comic Con exclusive for Marvel Legends. It will be a set based around Thor with many new character added to the line. We have some nice additions to any collection with Lady Thor, Odinson, Malekith, Ulik and Bor. They all look fantastic and can’t wait to get them. It should be noted that Lady Thor will be release in retail without the blue glowing hammer and eyes and Odinson is also rumoured to be in that wave as well. Malekith and Ulik may eventually be released but there has been no news of them so this is the only version for now. Bor on the other hand will never be released outside of this set, so you can take this as the set true Exclusive, similar to how Dreadknight was last year.

If you want to find out about these character click on the links before:


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