Marvel Legends reveals Hasbro’s Google Hangout

Last night Hasbro invited a number of news sites like to a Google Hangout streaming where they revealed some new figure for their Marvel Knights line and Thor Line.

As people may already know the Marvel Knight’s line started out being revealed in SDCC with Jessica Jones and Punisher from the Netflix’s series. Hasbro tease fans by hinting that they might be release separately, with Punisher being released first.


Then in Toyfar 2017, Hasbro revealed that we will be getting Daredevil and Elektra from the second season of Netflix’s Daredevil thus confirming that we will be getting a full wave.


Many people (who didn’t believe the rumours) thought that we would be getting Luke Cage and Iron Fist as regular figures and Kingpin as the BAF. However Hasbro has confirmed the rumour and revealed that the rest of the wave will be comic based with Bullseye and Blade coming out with Man-Thing as the BAF.


Now some people may be disappointed by the fact that we don’t have the other 2 Netflix’s heroes. However, I personally believe that there will be a second wave which will include them. Plus a full MCU wave wouldn’t really sell as many ML fans collect only comic figures so they have to balance it out. Otherwise, many fan would skip this wave and Hasbro would lose money.

As for the Thor wave, which before revealed Jane Foster Thor, also revealed a redone Ares figure that some pieces from the older BAF figure but with much better sculpt paint as well as a young Thor from the God Butcher arc of the Thor comics, which involve three Thor (past, present and future) battle a being that was killing gods.


They didn’t reveal the rest or the BAF. It should also be noted that this young Thor is a different figure from the Odinson coming in the SDCC set. Rumour has it that the wave will include MCU Thor, Hela (more than likely MCU), Loki (again more then likely MCU) and Executioner with Gladiator Hulk from the Thor Ragnarök  being the BAF. Of course that is subject to change.

As such, the next few NCS will be on this reveal so look forward to that.

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