Sorcerer Supremes

Here you will find all the characters that have held the title of Sorcerer Supreme. Note: they have to have held the title, not be a possible prospect like Doom.

Prime Universe

Stephen Strange
Most famous Sorcerer Supreme
Jericho Drumm
Chosen as Strange successor after giving up the title
Loki Laufeyson
Tricked Strange into giving up the title

Possible Figures: Margali Szardos | Ancient One | Nina the Conjuror | Demon Rider (Kushala) | Sir Isaac Newton | Hiram Shaw | Makeen | Merlyn | Zhang Jiao | Caius of Lacedaemons | The Triumvirate | Queen of Sheba | Solomon | Salomé | Zoroaster | Aged Genghis | Hermes Trismegistus | Ayesha | Shamhat of Akah Ma’at | Zhered-Na | Agamotto


Illya Rasputin
Rules over the Limbo Dimension as Sorcerer Supreme