Earth-Askani (Earth-4935)

Introduced in: X-Factor #67

In a possible future, Apocalypse has taken over the planet, killing any that oppose him. The only people who would oppose him are those with a strong belief in the legendary Twelve, mutants from the past who revolted against Apocalypse. In the Prime Universe, baby Nathan Summers was infected by the Techno-virus which was slowing transforming his body into a techno-organic being, which would eventually kill him. Mother Askani (a possible Rachel Summers) traveled back to the Prime Universe and offered Scott Summers, Nathan’s father, a chance to save his child but only if they took the child to the future. Wanting to save his child after failing to save his wife, Cyclops agreed to give the child to Mother Askani. She would treat the child and slow down the virus. To ensure the child’s survival, she would also have the child cloned but Apocalypse stole that clone and raised him to become Stryfe. Nathan, raised by Scott and Jean whose spirits inhabited a married couple, would continue to live in universe and became the freedom fighter known as Cable, the Askani-son. He would get married and have a son, but this son was brainwashed by Apocalypse. Apocalypse was eventually killed, and Cable would travel back in time to prevent this future. He would return a few times, like when he took Hope Summer to raise her to become the Mutant Messiah.

from the Prime universe but was raised, married, and fought in this universe
Hope Summers
Taken into this universe to be raised by Cable into becoming the mutant messiah
would jump back int time to the Prime Universe but usually returns to this universe
followed Stryfe back to the Prime Universe.