• Real Name: Cal’syee Neramani
  • AKA: War, Empress Deathbird, “D”
  • Family: Emperor Neramani (father, deceased); unnamed mother (deceased); D’ken (brother, deceased); Lilandra (sister, deceased); unnamed sister (deceased); Vulcan (husband, estranged); Black Light (son); White Noise (daughter); Deathbird’s Child; Ka’ardum (adoptive uncle); Charles Xavier (ex-brother-in-law); Sharra Neramani (daughter or niece); Heather Cameron (possibly daughter or niece); Corsair (father-in-law); Katherine Summers (mother-in-law, deceased); Cyclops (brother-in-law); Havok (brother-in-law); Adam-X (nephew, alleged half-brother-in-law); Summers Family (family-in-law); Unnamed Symbiote (former symbiote); Zzxz (current symbiote)
  • Base of Operation: Mobile
  • Identity: Public
  • Citizenship: Shi’ar Empire
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Occupation: Usurper empress of Shi’ar Empire, regent of the captive Kree Empire
  • Education: –
  • Gender: Female
  • Height: 5′8″ (1.73 m)
  • Weight: 181 lbs (82.1 kg)
  • Eyes: No Visible
  • Hair: No Hair At All, Purple Feathers, Blue Feathers in place of hair
  • Unusual Feature: Wings, feathers, claws
  • Origin: Shi’ar genetic throwback (Mutant)
  • Universe: Marvel Prime Universe (Earth-616)

You would think she would be more sympathetic to the mutant cause. Introduced in Ms. Marvel #9 (1977) by Chris Claremont and Keith Pollard, Cal’syee Neramani was born as a genetic throwback to how the Shi’Ar used to look like as they evolved from birds. As the eldest of the royal family and heir to the throne. She was proud of her appearance, but this also caused her to go into fits of rage that later caused her to kill her mother and younger sister. She was stripped of her name, dubbed Deathbird and was exiled into space. She eventually arrived on Earth to get supplies and would fight with Ms. Marvel (Danvers) and Hawkeye as well as team up with MODOK.

She would eventually betray D’Ken and later Lilandra and ally with the Brood in order to gain the throne of the Shi’Ar empire. She would succeed but Skrulls would later maim her wings and she abdicate to them. She would seek aid from the X-men but instead of taking back the throne, she allowed Lilandra to take it. After the Shi’Ar/Kree war she was given the role of viceroy to the Empress. She would later be recruited by Apocalypse, who turned her into his Horseman of War and when he was defeated, she returned to space with Bishop, who she began a relationship with. She would try and stop the Ruul (Kree) plan to turn Earth into a prison planet but was believed killed.

She was rescued by the Imperial Guard but was placed in prison for her past crimes. She was rescued by Vulcan, who was on his quest for vengeance against the Shi’Ar empire. They would become romantic involved and worked with the D’Ken followers to revive him. They were married and Vulcan later killed D’Ken, becoming the Emperor of the Shi’Ar empire with Deathbird as his queen. Vulcan was later killed during the War of King but Deathbird was pregnant at the time. She would later bond with a symbiote and attacked the X-men but was defeated and taken into SWORD custody. She was later returned to the Shi’Ar Empire with the aid of the New Mutants to serve Xandra, her niece.

Xandra was later capture by the Stygian, who wanted to kill the young empress, so Deathbird recruited the X-men to help rescue her niece. She would later team up with the Wakandans to defeat Dormammu and would open communications with them. She was later capture and nearly killed Delphos who had killed her niece. Gladiator and herself brought to the Marauder for trail and when he bragged about killing Xandra, she executed him. She later learned about Xandra resurrection on Krakoa and would return to serve and protect her.

Possible Figures

  • Which has the best chance of being made? – Out of all the above designs the one that has the best chance of being made is the original version. Other than that, the Married to Vulcan version as the next highest as the rest have cables that would be a nightmare to make in figure form. The War and Symbiote version are the lowest as they were short-lived.
  • How can it be made? – The original design would be the easiest for Hasbro to make. They have the wings with the Falcon and Vulture wings, and they can use any of the female sculpts. They would have to make new arms for it to incorporate the wings and this may be the one time that single jointed elbow would benefit the figure. As for the more armored looks, they could use the Deathstrike build with new arms and torso or the Angela build. It would need a new cap to incorporate the cables and tubes. As for how they could release it, obviously it should be released in an X-men wave but if it’s an option they could release her in a Captain Marvel or Avengers line.



Universe: Prime Universe (Earth-616)