IDEAL BOXSET – GOTG Holiday Special

Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. This week will see the release of the Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special and as you know with every MCU release I try and do an Ideal wave for them. However, today I decided it would be easier just to do a box set since it’s only an hour long special and while I could have filled it up with Holiday themed characters, (Santa Claus exists in Marvel), I decided instead to make box set based on the original GOTG or as they are known as now GOTG 3000. Like the other box sets I have done, of this as an Amazon repaint/repack box set. Also if you are looking for the fin head archer or the flame haired lady, I included them in the last GOTG wave I did for the Groot series.

And that’s the box set. As for why I picked each of them:

  • Major Victory – Every box set has to have one figure that gets a remake or re-release and since he was the only one of the team released, I decided to include Vance Astro here. This will be the exact same figure as before except a darker shade of blue.
  • Charlie-27 – Yes, I know what you are going to say, “Charlie should be a BAF” and I agree but this is a fantasy set so I said he should be included. That plus I couldn’t do a box set and not include this guy. Himself and Martinex along with Yondu and Vance are the four core members of the team. This would use the Caliban build with new straps.
  • Martinex – Next we have the future Iceman, Martinex. His race evolve to survive on Pluto so his body is made of silicon to survive the cold. With a new head, this can easily use the same body as Iceman.
  • Starhawk – The most powerful member of the team we have Starhawk. I think out of all the characters in this set, this is the most requested one. This would use the Vulcan body and a detachable “wing”.
  • Aleta – Next up we have the only lady in the set Aleta. Technically this would be her second figure of this set because she shares her body with Starhawk, and they can switch when they want. This would use the Shriek body mold with a new head and cape.
  • Krugarr- Last of the set, I thought I threw in an obscure member of the team, the Sorcerer Supreme of the future Krugarr. Surprisingly enough, he actually showed up in the GOTG Vol 2 movie, so he actually has a greater chance than most. This would be an whole new sculpt but the main reason I included him is because this sculpt can later be used for a certain Serpent Society member.

And that is what I would want for a GOTG 3000 box set. What do you think? Let me know in the comments below or on any of the social media sites.


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