News – SDCC Hasbro Marvel Panel summary

Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. The worst thing about working evenings is I miss all the various news that comes out of Comic Con. Well, for those like me who missed it and want a brief summary of all that was revealed today and believe me there is a lot more than even I expected.

Skipping all the recap stuff (the 60th line, the NWH box set and the Selfies series), Hasbro began the new reveals by showing off the last figures of Infinity Ultron Wave, which surprising everyone is not She-Hulk but instead a What If…? Howard the Duck. (Just a fun nod). Since he is a smaller figure, he will come with Zombieverse Ant-man in a jar. Next they reveal what I’m assuming will be part of Wave 4 of the Disney + line with Classic Loki and He Who remains, both from the Loki series. It’s safe to assume She-Hulk will also be part of this wave. To finish off their Disney + line they also reveal that a Loki will be coming with a new Tesseract role play item.

They then showed off the Comic figures for the Black Panther wave with classic Black Panther, which is on the Vulcan body, as well as Hatut Zeraze. That was all that they were allowed to reveal BUT they confirmed that the Wakanda Forever trailer will be released tomorrow during the Marvel Studio panel so expect all the MCU and BAF to be revealed tomorrow (presumably revealed on Marvel’s own site).

They then revealed the next Walgreen exclusive which was a Sentry remake with a Void swappable head. Since I’m talking about exclusives, skipping a bit to the Pulse exclusives, Hasbro revealed that they are going to release a Spider-man and his Amazing Friends 3-pack with Spider-man, Iceman, Firestar and Ms. Lion. These look to be cell shaded versions. They then announced that there are re-release Terrax as part of a 2-pack with new character and Fellow Herald the Fallen. Both of the Pulse set are up for pre-order tomorrow.

Going back to the next reveal, they BEGAN revealing the next Spider-man wave (which I’m assume is to replace the Spider-verse wave). They are four brand new and all villains’ characters with Human Fly, Razorback, Agony and Riot. The last 2 complete the Life Foundation symbiote and bring us closer to finishing Papa Venom’s kids (only Sleeper left). No word on the remaining figure but it’s safe to assume they are some form of Spider-man costumes and allies.

As for some Fan Channel retro reveals they revealed that Scorpion will be getting a new release with a new repaint with lighter greens and without the paint over the mouth like people wanted. Teased yesterday and long before this, we have Beast in the lab coat. He will have a brand-new head. Both of these are up for Pre-order tomorrow.

Lastly, they teased this year’s Haslab project which looks to be celebrating Ghost Rider’s 50th anniversary. The obvious (No, not obvious, definite) choice is Robbie Reyes and his Hell charger.

One final thing that was tease during a Q+A was another gun. No word on what this is about.


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