NCS + Universe – Speed Demon and 3 XTAS

Hey, my fellow Plastic Addict. Last Friday we had a new figure reveal and today we had another, all of which are from the X-men: The Animated Series. Since I don’t usually go deep into these characters, I did a quick NCS for Mystique (X-men: The Animated Series), Apocalypse (X-men: The Animated Series) and Nightcrawler (X-men: The Animated Series). Yes I know that last one doesn’t have a proper figure (and probably never will) but I add an NCS for Baby Hulk, Qubit, Phlish or Silvermane, I’ll have to do one for Baby Kurt.

Speaking of Silvermane, I did a full NCS for the not-so fastest man alive, Speed Demon. Since I talked about the Superior Foes missing members last time with Beetle, let’s talk about the missing Squadron members. Like Override, it’s actually surprising we haven’t gotten Dr. Spectrum, since he would be an easy repaint. Power Princess would be a bit harder but possible. If we got those 2, we would have the main members so no need to go too deep into this team.

I also added the Larvel Earth,  Loomworld, MC2 Universe and Other Earth Universe to the Misc universe page.

Next time we will look at the Pack-in for Speed Demon, the aging mob boss with a cyborg body, Silvermane.


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