NCS – Spider-man Noir and Renew Your Vows

Hey, my fellow Plastic Addict. Today we continue our looks at the reveals from last Tuesday with a look at 2 Spider-men. First, we have a quick look at the Spider-man Noir (Into the Spider-Verse) (as well as adding Spider-man Noir (Multiverse) to the alternates). Not much to say about this figure. If you missed the previous comic book version, then you can use this instead.

As for the other Peter Parker, we look at the Spider-man (Renew Your Vows). I normally don’t do this since the figure is just the classic costume but since it 2-pack is being marketed as a “Renew Your Vows” set, I thought I would add this. Hopefully, we will get Spiderling at some point to complete the family.

Next time we will look at his wife, the Spider-mom, Spinneret.

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