NCS + Alts + Feature- Bulldozer

Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. While we wait for Tuesday’s livestream, today we finish off the only Ant-man wave so far by looking at the final main member of the Wrecking Crew, Bulldozer. I have said it before, but Hasbro needs to get back onto giving us a properly scaled Crew set, but this one is my favorite of the figures.

I have also added the following and final (at the moment) Alternates:

With most of the Alternatives out of the way, we move onto the next feature of the site, Universes. I haven’t added anything yet but to go through what they are about. In the Universe pages, you will get a bit of background about the universe and how they came to be. This could be how they came to be in Real Life or how they branched off from the Prime Universe. Yes, I tried to do this before, but I deleted all those pages as I wasn’t happy with them and wanted to do something else with them.

Please note that a Universe must have at least three characters made into a Marvel Legends before they are considered acceptable for a Universe page to be made. I.E. the Wasteland universe have four characters (Old Man Logan, Hawkeye, Spider-B***h and Hulk Jr.) but the 2099 universe only has Spider-man 2099 so it won’t get a page. Instead, you will find these characters in the future Misc Universe page with a brief note about them. As for universe like the Games and Animated universe, you will find them in Gamerverse or Cartoon pages (coming soon), separated by show or game. Live action will be separated by MCU, XCU and Misc.

As for why I even bother, a lot of people like collecting characters from one universe, the biggest being the Prime Universe or the MCU. It is also throwing a bit of shade at the people who says, “I only collect the Prime universe” and then add Bishop or Spider-Gwen to their collections. They are from alternate universes. (I’m of course kidding as it’s your collection so add whatever you want.)

Depending on what is reveal on Tuesday, which I will be off for and will be reporting on it, the next character after the reveals will be Spider-man’s first ever super-villain, the Chameleon.

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