NCS + Update – The Controller

Hey, my fellow Plastic Addict. Today, we finish off the Avenger’s wave with a look at the BAF, one of Iron Man more frequent villains, Controller. Unlike a few people, I am delighted to be able to get this character. He may not be one of Iron man’s most famous villains (though he has very few that are known outside of comic), but he has been part of the old Shellhead’s rogue’s gallery for decades.

I have also updated Jean Grey (90’s cartoon) NCS to now have the figure has been fully revealed. Honesty, I’m surprised people are shocked that this is a straight repaint, but I agree the price is shit. Is the artwork and cell shading really worth that much?! Glad I don’t collect these but then again, I’m not the target consumer.

I will be taking a break from NCS next week as we have not one but 2 Ideal Waves coming next week. I think people can guess what they are, given what’s releasing next week.

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