NCS + Alts – Speedball

Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. Before we get onto the NCS, I just want to let people know we MAY get some preorders tomorrow. No idea what it could be though.

We continue our look at the newest addition for the New Warriors with Speedball. I already gave my rant about how he doesn’t come with Hairball, so instant I want to say that I hope we get his Penance form at some point. As for the rest of the founding New Warriors, all we need is Justice and Namorita. Justice would be easy to do, just a standard male body. However, Namorita will require at least a new torso but that figure can later be used for Marina, Namora etc.

I have also added the following Alternates:

Next time we will have a look at the SHIELD agent daughter of Mr. Hyde, Quake.


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