Retro NCS – Spider-Girl, Amazing Spider-man and ASM Electro

Hye, my fellow Plastic Addicts. Before we get onto the next NCS, it’s time for another piece of ML history. While Marvel Legends were on a high, distribution problem and store not even stocking them. Hasbro had to cancel the third Mini-BAF wave (though most of these would make their way into the line) and had to go back to the drawing board. Having seen success with themed waves based on movie, Hasbro relaunched the line into the Infinity Series, which is still running today. They also decided to split the line into two separate sub-lines, the Avengers/MCU, which is any wave that is based on a MCU movie and the Spider-man line, which for all extents of purposes was replacing the Spider-man Classics line. The line would get a few more sublines later with the launch of the X-men line but for about 2 years, these were the only sublines in the toyline.

They started of the line with Captain America: Winter Soldier wave as well as an Amazing Spider-man wave. However, Hasbro wasn’t done experimenting. For Cap wave, they decided to start a “same package, different characters” idea which ran for quite a while, in this case the Red Skull/Hydra Soldier and the Baron Zemo/AIM Soldier. Not only that but they decided to split the wave into two shipments, leading to many not getting the second wave. For the Spidey wave, they decided to have new figures be released in a later shipment but still have the same packaging and baf Pieces. These were Spider-girl, Toxin and Boomerang. While they did see releases, they were very limited. Except for the same packaging for 2 figure idea remained for a while, Hasbro realized it would just be better to just release all the figures in the wave at once, so both of these ideas were dropped.

Anyway, back to what you are here for. Today I have done a quick NCS for Andres Garfield’s Spider-man (Amazing Spider-man) as well as Jamie Fox’s Electro (Amazing Spider-man). I do see them remaking the Spider-man figure, but I hope they use the design from NWH for Electro and it’s a much better design.

I have also done a NCS for the Prime Universe’s Spider-girl. I don’t think many people knew who this figure was when she was released, assuming it was Julia Carpenter. However, this is actually Anya Corazon, formally Arana. I do hope we get her Arana form at some point but it’s not as important as her Spider-girl form.

Next time we will look at Ultimate Beetle.

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