NCS + Alts- D’Spayre and the X-men animated characters

Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. We’re almost finished our look at the figures revealed at the Pulse Con with only one more character left for tomorrow. Today, however, we look at one of the Fear Lords, D’Spayre. For anyone wondering, this will be part of the Dr. Strange and the Multiverse of Madness wave as one of only 2 comic figures. The other one is Sleepwalker; in case you don’t know. No word on the MCU figures (though Strange, Wanda, Wong and Chavez are all possibilities).

I also did some quick NCSs for Wolverine (90’s Cartoon), Jubilee (90’s Cartoon) and Mr. Sinister (90’s Cartoon). We do have somewhat of a confirmation that Jean Grey and Storm are coming in this line but other than that we don’t know who else is coming.

Finally, I have added a Jubilation Lee’s and Mr. Sinisters Alternates. Not much in them as it’s only the Prime and Cartoon character for both.

Next time (probably Monday tomorrow) we will look at Maggot and (probably) half of the MCU Eternals.

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