NCS – Vulcan

Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. I only have one thing to talk about today. (Going to see Eternals later). Today we continue our look at the brand-new characters revealed at the Pulse-Con with a look at another one of the Summers boys, Vulcan. He is the third brother to be confirm but the fourth introduced. You see there was another boy introduced that is now confirmed to be their brother, that being Adam-X. He is not a Summer, being a clone that combined the mother DNA with D’Ken. So yeah now we need Adam-X to complete the brothers.

Back to Vulcan, if you haven’t heard yet, he is part of the next X-men wave with the Maggot figure teased at the Con with a rumor listing of Darwin, Siryn, Havok, Sabretooth and of course Wolverine. No word on the BAF.

Next time (possibly Sunday), we will look at D’Spayre as well as a quick look at the Animated Wolverine, Jubilee and Mr. Sinister.

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