Alts – Jeff to Maestro

Hey my fellow Plastic Addicts. I may be taking a break from doing NCSs because of Pulse Con this Saturday (I know I said Sunday but I was wrong), but that doesn’t mean I’m not doing any work. Today I have gone down the left hand side of the Character pages have have added the following Alternates from Jeff the Land-Shark to Maestro.

  • Jewels – All the Jessica Jones from across the multi-verse
  • Paladins – because Jigsaw was once Paladin in the Thunderbolts
  • Punishers – Frank wasn’t the only person who was Punisher.
  • JJJs – old editor of the Daily Bugle has more then one version
  • Juggernauts – see who else was Cyttorak’s Examplars
  • Beetles – No not the rock band
  • Hulk-Mania – all the Hulks no matter the color or genders (only Hulks at the moment. More to come)
  • Hulks – all the Hulks across the Multi-verse
  • Dr. Bruce Banners – because all Banners are Hulks but all Hulk aren’t Banner

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