Pre-Pulse-Con Break and Rumor Round-Up – 18th Oct ’21

Hey my fellow Plastic Addicts. As most people may know this weekend Hasbro will have it’s Pulse Con with Marvel on the Sunday (2pm ET/ 7pm GMT). I know I promise a NCS of Drax, but with that happening this weekend I decided to give myself a break for this week. I’m expecting quite a few new characters so Drax will be delayed even longer.

To tide you over I have decided to give you round-up of rumors that have been circulating the internet from reliable sources. First off, a few weeks back we had our first look at the Marvel Legends 20th Anniversary Captain America. Rumor has it that he will be joined by the rest of the original line from Toybiz with Hulk, Iron man and Toad. Our boy Rektangular post a video about this yesterdat so I’m expecting this one to be true.

Onto some other news this time from JayC and JTPrime. (Note: No word on what version they will be for any of them and no word on the BAF). There have been listings for 3 particular waves but since we were just talking about Toad, let look at the X-men wave. The rumor has it that the wave will consist of Siryn (Banshee’s daughter and a member of the X-force), Darwin (a member of the Deadly Genesis team), Vulcan (same as Darwin but also Cyclops and Havok’s brother), Maggot (a 90’s member), Havok, Wolverine and Sabretooth.

Onto the next wave which looks to be a full comic based Avengers wave. This wave will consist of Iron Man, Thor (which given Donny Cates involvement with the panel will more then likely be the Herald Thor), US Agent, Speedball (a member of the New Warriors), Blue Marvel, Madame Hydra and Quake.

Next we go onto the Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness. We have gotten a store listing for this wave but at the moment we don’t know who is in it. We have gotten some rumor saying that Sleep Walker is in it but nothing confirms. But you can be assured that the majority of figure will be MCU based with Strange, Wanda and America Chavez likely candiates.

Finally I don’t have a source for you but I have been hearing that the giant size Spider-vintage figure that Hasbro mentioned earlier last month will be Lizard. However it will be a Target exclusive.

I think that is all the rumors at the moment. If I missed anything please let me know below but please give me a reliable source. IE just because the crew behind the 90’s X-men series will also be there doesn’t count as a source of animated series.

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