NCS – Rictor

Hey my fellow Plastic Addicts. Before we get into the NCS, please ahead over to this post –Poll – Who should be the 500th NCS? – where you can vote what will be the 500th NCS. Also, I just want to say that this is NOT about making or remaking figure. It’s about talking about characters that have already been made. So for those that enter a character that hasn’t been made in the “others”, yeah your vote has been deleted. But in all honesty if you don’t what this site by now after 4 years I don’t know what to says. LOL. Thank to those that have voted properly though.

Any back to the NCS. Today we finish off all the figures reveals from the last Fan First livestream. Joining his box set partners and his boyfriend, we have the earthshattering mutant, Rictor. This is Rictor’s first and probably only figure. Fun Fact, Shatterstar and Rictor first kiss was actually the first male on male kiss in mainstream comic from Marvel.

Next time (Monday) we will have our next look at the What If…? wave with a look at the star of the tomorrow’s episode, T’Challa Starlord. Not sure if any other figure will be in the series but we will see.

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