News – Hi-Res Images Odin and Iron man + Thanos 2-pack

Hey my fellow Plastic Addicts. You know what they say. You snooze, you lose. Last night I report that the rumored Odin and Iron Man +Thanos 2-packs were confirmed VIA Entertainment Earth pre-orders. They were fairly blurry images but we did get a good look at them. Well, during the night as most of us were asleep, new Hi-Res images have leaked online showing us both set in all their MCU glory.

Odin comes with his spear, a swappable head and 2 set of arms. This is based on the first Thor movie.

The Iron Man and Thanos set is based on the final battle with the two in Endgame. As people have requested, this version of Iron Man comes with snapping figures, as well 2 other sets of hands, 2 blast effects, a energy shield and his energy blades. He also comes with 2 unmasked head (one regular and one damaged) and one helmeted head, all which seem to connect by the neck rather then the head. Thanos comes with 4 heads, one helmeted, 2 unmasked and one head that looks like it’s being dusted after the snapped. He also comes with his weapon, which has been repainted.

Both of these set will be up for Pre-order later today.

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