NCS – Odin (Comic and MCU) and more

Hey my fellow Plastic Addicts. Today we had the MCU Odin reveal so you know what that means. It means I had to do NCS for him. Starting of course with the Odin from the comic. I couldn’t find any images of Odin in that costume but I do know he wore similar clothes before the King Thor was introduced. Speaking of Odin’s clothes, will they please decide on a default armor for him. I went through dozens of images of him and almost all of them had him in a different costume. I mean he is up there with Wasp with the amount of costume. I basically gave up saving on looking.

As for his Odin (MCU) counterpart, this has been a long time coming. Many people have been asking for this version for years. I know some are saying this is boring but it’s not for you. It’s for the MCU collectors. (Though if you missed or hated the BAF this is a great stand in).

Finally I have added the Final snap 2-pack to the Iron Man (MCU) and Thanos (MCU) pages under the Endgame section. Honestly unless you have to have the snapping fingers or missed the previous figures, I think this repaint (with new molding granted) set can be skipped.

There will be more reveals this Friday (hopefully barring leaks) so I won’t do another NCS until then (or Monday when I am off work). By the way things are going the month of May maybe full of reveals so the NCS might take a break for a while.

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