NCS – Lady Deathstrike and 2 MCU updates

Hey my fellow Plastic Addicts. Forewarning, if you haven’t seen the last episode of WandaVision, click away now cause there will be some spoilers. Although the general opinion is that spoilers are safe from the Monday after the show aired.

Anyhow, I have updated Vision (MCU) and Scarlet Witch (MCU). If you watched the last episode and saw the news from yesterday (News – WandaVision Spoiler Figure) then you know what the Scarlet Witch update is. However, I believe I have to clarify the Vision update. As people know there was 2 Visions in the show, the one with Wanda and White Vision. However, the one with Wanda was created by her. That would technically make him a different version. However, the White Vision is the Vision that was destroyed in Infinity War, rebuilt by SWORD. While at first he didn’t have the memory of Vision, he regained them in the last episode. So technically, he is the same version as the previous Vision. Debate it with me if you want but know that I spent most of the weekend thinking about this. My head still hurts.

Moving that aside, we have a brand new NCS with a look at the last of the regular figures of the Super-Villains wave with a look at the only returning character from Toybiz’s version, Lady Deathstrike. I have heard people say that they will keep the Toybiz version of most figures but I dare you to say that about this figure. The TB version was one of the worst female figures from TB made and they even covered her up. This is the best version of her yet.

Next time we will look at Marvel’s first Hulk, Xemnu and MCU’s Melina.

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