NCS – Xemnu the Titan and MCU’s Melina

Hey my fellow Plastic Addicts. Today we catch up with all the recent Hasbro announcements as well as finishing off the Super-Villains wave. With that we start off with Marvel’s first Hulk, Xemnu. I know some people are disappointed that this is the BAF but honestly I think this is a fantastic selection. Not only is he a classic Hulk villain (some might say the original Hulk Villain), but the furry alien went up against the Defenders and nearly won. I’m not talking about the street level version of today. I’m talking Hulk, Namor, Dr. Strange and Valkyrie. If you can go up against that sort of team and nearly come out on top, then you deserve a figure. Sure he is reusing the Sasquatch/Wendigo build but so what? If reuse makes a new character at minimum cost, I’m all for it. Plus this is a Jack Kirby original character that predates most of the Marvel Universe and was the first Marvel Monster to return after the F4 were introduced.

That long rant out of the way, next up we have Red Guardian’s partner, Melina Vostokoff (MCU). Hasbro could have easily given us Natasha or Yelena again, so it is nice that they at least gave us a new character. Unfortunately for comic collectors, this can be skipped. She looks nothing like this in the comics. Hopefully a future BW wave will give us a Iron Maiden figure.

With that we return to going through some TB figures going back to their villains wave with the last of their villains wave with a look at Blackheart. Expect that NCS hopefully Monday.

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