NCS – Wonder Man and Collin’s Deathlok

Hey my fellow Plastic Addict. We continue our look at some Toybiz figure with a look at the last of the Riders series to get a NCS and the first of the first ever BAF series.

We start off with a long time Avenger and former Hollywood actor – Wonder Man. Just a fun fact, he was not created to steal the name from DC. They thought the name was too generic but DC didn’t see it like that so they told Marvel to kill him off, which they did in his first issue. However, when DC introduced Power Girl right after Marvel introduced Power Man (Luke Cage), Marvel said “F* You DC” and brought him back. He has since been a mainstay of the Avengers.

We also have a look at Deathlok (Collins). Since I had this argument with some one of social media,(who asked, of all questions, “When has there ever been more the one Deathlok?”) , It should be noted that Hasbro’s version (Deathlok Prime (Roxxon’s Future)) is not the same character as this. This is the version that was introduced into the 616 universe. In fact, there had been at least 9 unique characters that have used the Deathlok moniker existing in the 616 universe, including the first Luther Manning (he would travel to the past before return to his own timeline), Henry Hayes (created because of TV’s Agent of Shield version), John Kelly (a prototype to Collin’s version), Jack Truman (Built using Machine Man’s tech), Death Locket (a young girl transformed into a Deathlok) and many more, including a whole army sent to attack Wakanda. (In case anyone one is wondering, I answered the question, “Since……………….always” LOL.)

Next time, we will look at the first ever character to receive a Build-A-Figure (though, spoilers, I will be recommending the Marvel Universe version), Galactus. If I have time I will also be explaining what the red costume of Iron Fist was about.

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