NCS – Jane’s Punisher and Vegeance

Hey my fellow Plastic Addicts. Today we have a look at 2 characters with revenge on the mind. (This is just a pure coincidences). We start off today with the last movie figure in the Toybiz line with a look at Punisher (Thomas Jane Version). I actually enjoyed this film but even I can tell how bad the movie actually is.

Also up today, we have Vengeance. Honestly, I think he had a very good reason to seek revenge against Dan Ketch’s Ghost Rider. Ketch may have been tricked by Mephisto but if it wasn’t for him, Badilino’s wouldn’t have gone crazy. It’s surprising he forgave Ketch. If anything they should have just blame both Ketch and Mephisto. Hoepfully if the Riders line continues we will see a remake of this guy. If not, then maybe the Kowalski version.

Next time we will look at the last of the Toybiz’s Legendary riders series with a look at Wonder Man and will also begin looking at the Galactus series with a look at Collins’ version of Deathlok.

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