Best of 2020 – Exclusives

Hey my fellow Plastic Addicts. Last week, I asked to to vote for the best exclusive figures of the year. I got a load of votes this week, more then the week before. But enough with my rambling here are the results.

Best Single Exclusive

3rd Place – 16.7% – X-men movies 20th Anniversary White Wolverine (Amazon)

2nd Place – 20.4% – Red Hulk (Target)

Winner- 22.2% – Moon Knight (Walgreens)

Best 2-pack

3rd Place – 22.2% – Rogue and Pyro (Fan Channel)

2nd Place – 35.2% – Logan and Professor X (SDCC)

Winner – 42.6% – Storm and Thunderbird (Target)

Best Multi-pack 

Runner-Up – 30.6% – Nimrod/Psylocke/Fantomex (Amazon)

Winner- 69.4% – Hellfire Club Box set (SDCC)

Best Fan Channel Single

3rd Place – 14.8% – Retro Mysterio

2nd Place – 18.5% – Venom (Monster Venom repaint)

Winner – 28.7% – Retro Kingpin

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