NCS – A Cyborg, MCU Witch and Space Racoon!?

Hey my fellow Plastic Addicts. Today we have an new figure addition for an previous NCS, a MCU quickie and a former British Racoon. First off, I have added the Cyborg Spider-man onto the Spider-man (Prime) page. Before any one says it, yes, he is not a cyborg. However, he has been marketed as Cyborg Spider when he was released as a toy in the older Toybiz line. He was also called it in the Spider-man Unleash game as well as the PS4 Spider-man. Thus it’s official name is Cyborg Spider-man, whether you like it or not.

Also up today we began our look at some former Toys-R-Us exclusive, starting with one that is officially getting a re-release, the MCU Scarlet Witch and Vision 2-pack. Given that the figure is just a straight repaint of the Civil war version and she didn’t really change her costume between films, I didn’t bother adding the CW version.

Finally we have a lost at what was the smart talking racoon from space, Rocket Racoon. Did you guys know that up until the MCU movie, Rocket had a heavy British cockney accent? It was even seen when he appeared in the Earth’s mightist Heroes cartoon.

Also be sure to vote – Poll – Most wanted Spider-man Costume

Next time we will have Rocket’s MCU counterpart as well as his best friend, who just happens to be a tree.

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