NCS – Time for the Thunder…..bird and Ross

Hey my fellow Plastic Addicts. First of all, if you haven’t yet please go vote for what you want the next Spider-man costume to be made – Poll – Most wanted Spider-man Costume. Other then that, today we finish off all the Target Exclusives that I have yet to do a NCS for (that were on the Schedule).

First of all, we have the character that has hunted the Hulk more then any other character in the form of Thunderbolt Ross. He received a new Rulk figure recently but I hope that get release for those that couldn’t get it.

Also up, we have a look at the first X-men of the Giant-size Team to die, Thunderbird. And for the last time, this is not the same person who was released in the Strong Guy wave. That was his “little” brother, who goes by Warpath.

The next NCS (probably tomorrow or Thursday) we will start at the former TRU exclusives, starting with Scarlet Witch (MCU) with us looking at the best friends from space, Rocket Racoon and Groot (both MCU and Comics).

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