NCS – The self-proclaimed Granddaughter of Thanos (and 2 MCU)

Hey my fellow Plastic Addicts. While we are still waiting on the legitimacy of the Cyborg Spider-man figure from earlier (Rumor – Possible Cyborg Spider-man Coming?), I did some quick NCS that were released as Target exclusive (though I’m can’t remember if the one was an actual exclusive and the reason the other was on the Target exclusives was because she was a swappable head of a 2-pack).

Anyway, first up we have the other half of a Spider-man MCU 2-pack (the one with the yellow jacket), in the form of Michelle Jones. Even if you don’t think she is the MCU equivelant of Mary Jane, you can always use this as a civilian.

Next we have Nebula. Yes she hasn’t had a comic book version but she currently looks very similar to her MCU counterpart in the comics at the moment. Also it should be noted that in the comics, she claims to be Thanos’ grandchild but this has never been proven true.

Finally we have her MCU counterpart.

Next up we have 2 Thunders, Thunderbolt Ross and Thunderbird, which should come out sometime during the weekend.

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