Rumor – Possible Cyborg Spider-man Coming?

Hey my fellow Plastic Addicts. Hovering social media since last night is an image of what looks like a Spider-man Vintage Cyborg Spider-man. We currently are unsure whether this figure is real or a very fancy custom with a custom card. Rektangular has looked into it and says it may be real and up later today.

Toybiz did release a version of this in the old Spider-man Animated line (which was based on one of the alternate Spider-man from the last few episodes). This was based on a very short live run in the comic (I think only one or two issue) which saw Spider-man becoming a cyborg and teaming up with a Deathlok. This was the 90’s. IT would later appear as one of the many skins in the PS4 Spider-man game, which (if real) probably inspire Hasbro to make it.

As always, until we know more consider it a rumor.

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