NCS – The Lord of the Dark Dimension and the Greatest Hunter

Hey my fellow Plastic Addicts. Today we have 2 new NCS for you to read, which ironically were both created by the team of Stan Lee and Steve Ditko. We start off by finishing what we know of the Bring on the Bad Guy wave with the only other figure, Dormammu. I know people are worried slightly about his height but Dormammu has been depicted as normal human size to the size of a mountain, so any size he comes in would be true.

With the regular wave figures done, we jump back into the exclusive stuff I have yet to do an NCS for. We continue with the (missed) Target exclusives with a look at one of Spider-man’s best villains, Kraven the Hunter. I personally thinking Kraven’s Last Hunt is one of, if not, the best Spider-man story ever. However, to this day alot of people don’t think Kraven is a great villain.

Anyhow, next up with be MCU’s Michelle Jones as well as Nebula (both comics and MCU).

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