Rumor – New Shang-Chi Listings

Hey my fellow Plastic Addicts. Over at, JayC has posted some new listing of some upcoming waves. We already knew there would be another X-men, Spider-man and Avengers Gamerverse wave but he also has found a listing for a Shang-Chi wave. No figures have been revealed just listings and product codenames. You can find the full story here-

To quote:

Looks like BenIrvin has been doing some retail store computer searching and discovered a number of new Marvel Legends wave listings. As always the listings don’t give us much info in the way of specific figures, as code names are used. It does however give us an idea of whats in the pipeline. One of the most interesting things of note is the listing of a new X-Men wave. This is possibly the House of X wave Hasbro had previously said earlier in the year was coming and/or might contain the 4 figures Hasbro teased in their last live-stream event.

5010993791453 MVL X MEN LEGEND ASST
5010993790289 – MVL X-Men Legends 2
5010993790166 – MVL X-Men Legends 3
5010993790531 – MVL X-Men Legends 4
5010993790159 – MVL X-Men Legends 5
5010993790524 – MVL X-Men Legends 6
5010993790258 – MVL X-Men Legends 7

The four teases Hasbro gave in that live-stream said 1. We would get one figure that was a character Toy Biz did and Hasbro hadn’t. 2. An old Hasbro Marvel Legends figure getting an update. 3. A 3.75″ Marvel Universe figure being done in 6″ form. 4. A character that had never been done before. Earlier this week Dan Yun from Hasbro posted on social media saying the 4 figures teases in the last live-stream would be part of the same wave, though it looks like he since deleted that tweet. Oh and then there was the hand with the yellow glove Hasbro teased two live-stream video’s ago which was likely for some kind of new Rogue figure. Toad, Avalanche and a new Blob Build-A-Figure seem to be fan-favorite choices for getting the figure treatment and would fit the criteria of Hasbro’s recent clues.

Other waves discovered is a new Spider-Man one which is likely the rumored Into The Spiderv-Verse wave we told you about the other day with the Miles Morales Spider-Man, Peter B. Parker, Spider-Gwen and Marvel Comics versions of Frogman and Hand Ninja. This wave may see a Stiltman Build-A-Figure which we think Hasbro was teasing two live-stream videos ago. This should be the first wave listed for 2021, however we will likely see out by end of December.

5010993790951 SPD LEGENDS – SULFUR 8
5010993791040 SPD LEGENDS – METHANE
5010993791064 SPD LEGENDS – MANGANESE 10
5010993791071 SPD LEGENDS – LODINE 11
5010993790937 SPD LEGENDS – SANDSTONE 12
5010993790920 SPD LEGENDS – SAPHIRE 13

The next wave is the long rumored second wave of Avengers figures due out this year. This wave should include a mixture of video game and comic based figures. There is also a possibility the Build-A-Figure will be Modok from the new Avengers video game from Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics that will be out on September 4.

The final wave is completely new to us and listed simply as SHC which could be for Shang-Chi. The names are code names so no help there on determining what they are. There is the Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings movie currently slated for a May 2021 release, but with so much uncertainty in the movie world it’s unknown if that will get pushed back or not. Originally there was going to be an Eternals themed wave due out this year but that got delayed when the movie did.

5010993791545 – SHC LEGENDS ASST

5010993786510 – SHC Legends Captain 1
5010993790463 – SHC Legends Pirate 2
5010993790470 – SHC Legends Sailor 3
5010993786527 – SHC Legends CWS 4
5010993790494 – SHC Legends Yacht 5
5010993785780 – SHC Legends Halo 6

As always these listings are subject to change so do treat them as rumors until we get official confirmation from Hasbro. Hopefully Hasbro will give us details on most of these at the end of the month when they hold their virtual Pulse-Con on September 25-26.

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