NCS – A Psychotic Symbiote, One from the Movies and one from a Mobile app?

Hey my fellow Plastic Addicts. Today we finish off the Venompool wave with some quick NCSs. (I’m busy okay!?). We start off with a real quick look at Cletus Kasady fourth symbiote, the one that nearly destroyed the world, the Grendel version of Carnage fomr the Absolute Carnage saga.

Next we have a look at the surprising hit movie Venom. Before anyone asks, no I will not do an separate page for alternate universe symbiotes. I have enough to do with the mainstream symbiotes and I don’t think many of the are that different to the prime version.

Finally we look at the Contest of Champions’ Venompool. Before anyone say it, this is not the version found in the ‘What if’ Storyline or the one from the Venomverse version.

Next will (hopefully) will be the Spidey villain Tri-Sentinel.

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