News – MCM London 2019

(Thanks to MarvellegendsUK for providing images)

Hey Gang. I know you are still getting over your high from yesterdays reveals at Paris but Hasbro flew over to London this morning to reveal 2 more figure for the next year.

First revealed was the espionage master, Spy Master. They haven’t revealed where he is coming from but given that he is a spy with connections to both Iron Man and Black Widow, the most likely place to put him will be the Black Widow wave.

Also revealed was the BAF for the Fantastic Four wave, which should come as no surprise to anyone. It will be a Skrull/Super-Skrull figure with interchangeable parts for effects.

They also showed off the fully sculpted prototype of the Strong Guy baf.

That was it for this weekends reveal but check back next weekends as Hasbro will be at the Lucca convention in Italy on Friday and the Manga con in Spain on Saturday.

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