News – Comic Con Paris 2019

Hey gang. The Paris Comic con’s Hasbro Marvel panel was on this morning and while there was no livestream (I got up early to watch it dammit!), we got some new figures revealed from it. No French character this time though.

First off, we finally got the revealed BAF for the upcoming Spider-man wave. Just a reminder but this wave contains Velocity Spider-man, Armor MK 3 (End of Earths) Spider-man, White Rabbit, Shang-Chi, Vulture and Superior Octopus. The Baf for this wave was revealed to be Demogoblin. This is the second Demogoblin we have gotten from Hasbro but the first one was a straight repaint of a Toybiz Hobgoblin so a new updated figure is very welcomed. Now I know people are angry that a regular size figure is the BAF (I agree with most of you), but to me this seems like Hasbro throwing a budget saving BAF into the line since they have so much coming out in the next year.

Also revealed today, we got a look at a brand new Winter Soldier. This is another character that Hasbro did previous being part of a 2-pack with a previous version of Black Widow during the Dark Days so another figure in desperate need of an updated. They haven’t said where it will be released but given his closeness to Black Widow and her wave confirmed to be coming, this is more the likely one of the first figures of that wave.

That was it for this panel but be sure to check back tomorrow morning when Hasbro will fly over to London for another where we will get even more reveals. Also head over to where we are discussing our love/hate relationships with these 2 reveals.

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