Rumor – Possible 80th Anniversary Solications

Last week I posted a listing from a Canadian website of possible figures coming in the 80th Anniversary line. A source and friend who I trust, who works for a store that I can’t name for obvious reasons, has gotten onto me and has given me some listing of what those figures may be. There is no images available and he has no idea what versions they are or what the Iron Man and Deathlok version are.

Please note, as always, that these are rumours, not confirmed and are subject to change.

The new X-men 3-pack – Jean, Scott, and Logan 3-pack (probably the Jim Lee style figures)

The X-men 2-pack – Polaris and Havok 2-pack (my guess X-factor to go with the Multiple Man and Forge)

The Suits 2-pack – Deadpool suits 2-pack (No idea, maybe the remaing Deadpool corps)

Venom Variant – Agent Anti-Venom (White repaint of the Walgreen’s exclusive?)

Punisher Variant – Camouflage Punisher (straight repaint of the Walgreen’s one?)

War Machine Variant – Punisher War Machine (Repaint of the Endgame version?)

Like always, I remind you they may not be true but if they are it is likely they will be revealed in SDCC in July.

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