News – Full X-force wave revealed!!

Earlier today, on Facebook, I announced that not only was Wolverine confirmed for the X-force wave but the entire wave will be going up for Pre-order on various sites. Unfortunately, I didn’t have images of the Wolverine and we didn’t even know what the BAF was. Well, Now we do.

Just to go over what we had know before, this wave will have Mr Sinister, Nightcrawler (with 3 head and 2 left hands), Boom Boom (with 2 heads and effects hands), Cannonball (no legs) and Guardian.

Joining them we have our “one-Wolverine-per-X-Wave” Wolverine. Since it is an X-force wave, this time we have a redone X-force version. Please note that this is not just a repaint as the Gloves and boots are new.

As you can tell from the pieces in the images, the BAF is the Wendigo that was reveal in 2018 Canadian Expo. However, Hasbro has gone back and repainted the figure, which I think is a huge improvement. Have a look at the Images below to see the differences.

I will be updating the pages on Wednesday and doing a NCS for Wendigo after. Be sure to check back next week to see if something else was revealed.


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