MCU Hawkeye and some Character Updates

Hey gang. As some of you know Hasbro released official images of the first Endgame wave with MCU Ronin (Barton), Cap and BAF armored Thanos joining wave. There was also some in hand images of the Quantum Suit 2-pack (Target Exclusive), plus some more X-men images. As such MCU Hawkeye has been added:

The Following have also been updated:

  • Reese – A new better image was released showing the Reese Head on Skullbuster.
  • MCU Cap – Armored Thanos wave Quantun Suit added.
  • MCU Thanos – New Armored version
  • MCU Black Widow – New Target 2-pack added as well as being changed to a page
  • MCU Ant-man – New Target 2-pack head added
  • MCU Iron Man – New Target 2-pack head added

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