Characters’ Update – 20/02/19

Some more updated today.

  • The comic book Shuri can use the MCU figure as she is wearing something similar in the comic.
  • Magneto finally gets the classic figure he deserves.
  • Wolverine gets 1 new updated figure (removed the TB FA figure added the Hasbro version) and one new costume (Patch Night missions)
  • Hulk got a nice update to the Classic version. removed the Face-off version and added the 80th set.
  • Those wanting to complete the Jim Lee team will be happy with Colossus Classic update
  • Iron Man‘s classic armor got an upgrade
  • Captain America got the sculpted chain-mail we wanted
  • Thor got his long request classic remake
  • MCU Cap get his first mission costume and went from post to page
  • Infinity War Iron Man get the figure he should have gotten the first time
  • And Finally, MCU Hela may be crushing more then Thor’s hammer with this newer figure

And with that I have updated all the characters that I have done. I will be starting the new characters on Friday with Julia Carpenter’s Spider-woman.

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