Character Updates – 19/02/19

I love the time after Toy Fair or any convention when I can go through all the character I have done already and mark off all the costumes and updates that have been announced.

To start off with we have some figures that have been confirmed for a official wave:

With those out of the way, let check onto the stuff you came for, adding news stuff to the characters I have already done:

  • MCU Spider-man gets 4 new figures:
    • I added the Target Exclusive Yellow Jacket version on the Homecoming entry to show where it came from
    • I replaced the Avengers: infinity war figure with the far superior 80th Anniversary 2-pack (those waldoes really make a great case)
    • And added the 2 Far From Home suits to the page
    • Changed the post into a pages
  • Replaced the Classic Scorpion figure with the new one as well as the post becoming a Page.
  • Dr. Doom got a new Infamous Iron Man figure
  • Finally for today, MCU Loki got a new exclusive figure with Corvus Glaive

More updates to come.

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