Results – Best MCU Figure 2018

The results are in and it’s alot less people voting then the comic figures. Goes to show that comic figures are the main pull of this line. That isn’t to say that their isn’t some fantastic figures from the MCU this year so let have a look at what you voted for the Best MCU figures of the year.

Best Newcomer

Winner- Yellowjacket – 24%

Taking the spot of best newcomer we have the MCU 10th Anniversary Yellowjacket that came with the Ant-man figure. This is a fantastic figure with an all new sculpt and a long time coming. Not only that but this costume has influenced the Comic with Darren Cross been seen wearing a new version of this in the Ant-man series.

Best Remake

Tied – 10th Anniversary Captain America and 10th Anniversary Thanos – 31%

For the best remake we have 2 figures that had very bad versions when they were first made. While both used basically the same body as the last one, both of these figure got a new paint job and what really made the figures, much better head sculpt. For Cap, we really never had a proper Chris Evans head but this figure used photo real tech to give us the best Chris Evan head out so far. As for Thanos, many people didn’t like the smirk he had as a BAF but not only does this give us a much better head sculpt, it gives us 2.

Best Re-release

Winner – Scarlet Witch – 54%

It’s amazing what a bit of paint does to a figure. This Scarlet Witch was released as part of the third wave of Civil War but the paint on the face made the figure look much like she had a bit too much make-up on. This improves it without the new of Make-up given us one of the best Female sculpted face to date.

Best Villain 

Tied – Yellowjacket and Thanos – 28%

We have a tied for the best villains this time with the winners of 2 categories joining together for the win. Both of these figures are great and should be added to your MCU collections.

Best Female

Winner – Wasp – 48%

Taking the spot for the Best female we have the first female character to have her name in the title of a movie, Wasp. The MCU may have changed the basic story for Wasp (being the daughter of Hank and Janet) but none the less she was awesome in the movie. This figure is also amazing with the amount of sculpt in this figure making me question whether it was a ML figure or not. Not only that but both head are fantastic with Evangeline Lilly likeness showing us in both of them.

Best New Costume

Winner – Iron Man MKVII – 21%

Barely winner the best new costume (literally only 1 vote between this and Cull wave Thor), we have the long requested MKVII. The 10th Anniversary line hit all the right note with fans and finally gave us a armor that was missed when the movie came out (due to the fact that ML was in limbo at the time). This is an all-new sculpt with many new features including wing flaps.

Well that the last of the “semi-final” figure done. Do you agree with the pick? Please remember that it was you that vote so respect other people’s opinions. Next we have the Finals coming up later today so be sure to check back then. 

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